New dating app taking on Hinge and Tinder by changing all the rules

New dating app taking on Hinge and Tinder by changing all the rules

Anyone who has used a dating app knows that while it can be a lot of fun, it can also be frustrating, time-consuming and a bit dull.

You scroll, you match, you chat. Conversation dies out and you begin again. Swiping left and right is often just a way to kill a bit of time rather then seriously looking for someone special.

Despite talking to lots of other singletons, you don’t always end up going on many dates as there is just too much choice – but a new app is hoping to change the way people date, and the friends behind it are looking to rival Hinge, Tinder and Bumble.

Thursday only works one day a week (Thursdays, obviously) and users are encouraged to only log on in the morning if they are free that evening.

The idea is to cut out the small talk, and match, chat and meet all on the same day.

However the guys behind it, who are both single themselves, want to stay anonymous.

They said: “Apps are too readily available, they are in our hands and we can use them whenever. We have overdosed on them.

“They do work but we have to put in a lot of time and effort.

“The paradox of choice is effecting how many dates actually happen. We match for the sake of matching.”

They hope Thursday – which is completely free – means people will spend less time on dating apps and more time actually dating.

They said: “People want to spend as little time as possible on dating apps. You don’t want to spend ages talking to someone just to be ghosted on an app.

“The goal is to get someone who is single going on one date a week. We want to get to a point where dating isn’t a big deal.

“It makes dating exciting again. I think single people need to be spontaneous.

“We’re encouraging people to match, chat and meet on the same day.

“It’s a very straight forward idea. It’s for your professionals who are time poor.

“We’re cutting out the small talk.”

The app itself is very similar to others already on the market in terms of the format, with users picking five photos and sharing a bit of information following prompts – like and dislikes, interests and so on.

But Thursday also offers a ‘stories’ option similar to other social media sites, which allow users to share short video clips with potential matches that are automatically deleted after 24 hours.

All matches and conversation disappear at midnight on Thursday, so you have to act quickly and be a bit spontaneous if you want to find someone special.

The friends are determined to make Thursday more of a community than other apps, and you have to be invited to sign up.

All members are verified before they join using either a driving licence or passport and the app has report features users can use if anyone makes them feel uncomfortable.

You can also look at potential matches based on rough location, so you can work out a convenient place to meet up – however your exact location is never shared.

As well as the app, the guys plan on running singles events in the future – inviting groups of members to bars to meet in real life rather than through screens.

They said: “You’re not just a user on an app, and you won’t just download it, use if for a few days then delete it.”

There isn’t a set launch date yet as they are waiting for lockdown to ease, but it’s due to be in the second half of April.

But 93,000 people have signed up already and the team hope to have 150,000 members by the time they launch next month.

It’s launching in London and New York, but the friends have big plans to expand to different cities around the world quickly.

“The reaction has been absolutely incredible. People seem to have really got behind it.

“Coming out of Covid, people are so ready to get out there and put themselves out there again.”